How often do you wake up tired?

4 out of 5 people complain about usually waking up tired or poorly rested.

We care about them and we will soon be able to help them.

Learn to love your alarm clock.

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The science of a good morning.

We are proudly conducting the first clinical study based on wearable and mobile devices in Romania.

Waking up around light sleep is proven to give us more energy, a greater sense of productivity and an overall sense of well-being. Neurophysiology states that the ascending reticular activating system (ARAS) acts as an interface between sleep and wake phases of our circadian rhythm. WakeZ activates that neural network, ensuring a smooth transition from bed to office.

The physiological state of sleep can be divided into a succession of cycles and phases. Each cycle is composed of several phases, hence the expression polyphasic sleep. A clinically relevant correlation between subliminal stimuli and the depth of sleep has been found a while ago. By accurately deciding your sleep phase, we can easily enhance it with SublimiVibra™ and offer a restful night with deep sleep, as well as a smooth waking by activating ARAS.

Is waking up difficult?

WakeZ is an app for smartphones and mainstream wearables, that can #hackyoursleep. We use subliminal vibration stimuli to enhance the electric activity of your brain for a more restful night and smooth waking.

What began as an award-winning invention project gradually evolved into an application that communicates with wearables on the wrist of every groggy waker out there. We bring clinical validation to sleep apps and disrupt sleep tracking and hacking science with a simple yet ingenious product.

This is how it works.


Our groundbreaking subliminal stimuli algorithm can sync your brain to different electric states. Think deep sleep, vivid dreaming and superficial sleep… from your wrist.

Clinical Validation

Our product is going to be clinically validated, with an extensive study. We are currently in Phase 2/3 thanks to our strategic partner, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iuliu Hatieganu Cluj Napoca.


Surgical precision sleep tracking – innovative correlation between heart rate and body movements, to track your sleep accurately, through the whole night.

A New Day

We wake you up fresh, rested and full of life. We offer you the vitality to start every day with at your peak, and keep going until you #hackyoursleep again.

This is what we won.

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