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We disrupt sleep as you know it. One digital intervention, all benefits – fall asleep fast, wake up fresh, make the most of your sleep, do better, feel better. Personalised. Convenient. Discreet.

WakeZ App - Statistics

The feeling of “not enough sleep” is so common people end up ignoring it.

Did you know?

Bad quality of sleep can lead to decreased productivity, anxiety, depression and metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes. What did you do for better sleep?

WakeZ is an App for smartphones and mainstream wearables, that will #HackYourSleep.


Yes, tracking your sleep can offer valuable information and gradually induce behavioral change. And tracking is getting better every year. The question is – does it really help YOU?


It’s time to take sleep tech to the next level, and move from tracking to hacking. WakeZ actively improves the quality of your sleep using vibrations. We offer “sleep as a service” so as long as you have a phone and a smartwatch, you’re good to go!

The Tech


Kickstart your brain every morning. Vibrations do not wake you up, but they get the brain ready to start a new day. Focus and be fresh from the moment you open your eyes. Feel rested. This is unique.

The Lullaby Protocol™

Yeah it’s been around for ages – breathing exercises help fall asleep. On one hand, they clear your mind, on the other hand, breath tells your brain it’s time to doze off. And now you have a breathing coach on your wrist.

FlexInterval HRV™

Cutting edge precision sleep tracking, validated in our University’s sleep lab. This is ongoing, constant improvement, using machine learning. So the more you use it, the more accurate it gets.

Personalised Wellbeing

The new standard. You and the app learn from each other. You will get used to sleeping better, WakeZ will understand the way you fall asleep and wake up, and help you where you need it. You get the stats, you see your progress.

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We actually won every competition where we presented WakeZ

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When is the last time you did something for better sleep?

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We are going to launch our app Beta version soon. If you want to be amongst the first people to try WakeZ, just send us an email at with the hashtag #TryWakeZ.